The Wizards of Aus (comedy fantasy TV series: in full here).

The Wizards of Aus is an Australian television comedy series which aired on SBS – directed by and starrings Australian filmmaker Michael Shanks – which is now released for free online.

Jack the Wizard (Michael Shanks), has had enough of his Magical Realm’s obsession with large-scale fantasy warfare, and so decides to migrate to the western suburbs of Footscray, Melbourne. However, growing political tension coupled with endless trouble from fellow wizard Skulldrich make assimilation into human life more difficult.

The Wizards of Aus: episode 1.

Fed up with the Magical dimension’s nonsense, Jack the Wizard decides to migrate to the sanest place he can think of… Melbourne’s Western suburbs on Earth. Big mistake?

The Wizards of Aus: episode 2.

Having sworn off magic, Jack the Wizard attempts to get himself a new recycling bin the normal, human way – however if there’s anything more confusing than mastering the Arcane arts, it might be local urban council bureaucracy.

The Wizards of Aus: episode 3.

Fresh from a nasty divorce with his Unicorn wife, Jack the wizard tries his hand at speed dating.


The Wizards of Aus: episode 4.

When a vote is called to kick all magic users out of Melbourne for good, it’s up to Jack the Wizard to rally his fellow magical immigrants and convince them to try and fit in a little better.

The Wizards of Aus: episode 5.

Jack the Wizard comes under harsh scrutiny following a television exposé on media darling, ‘Baby Bones’, an adorable human child cursed by witches to live without skin.

The Wizards of Aus: episode 6.

With the anti-sorcerer vote looming, Jack the Wizard calls a town hall meeting in a last ditch effort to turn the tide on anti-Wizard sentiment, with fatal consequences.


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