Star Trek Discovery: just an Andromeda rip-off? (video)

There’s been a lot of accusations flying around that Star Trek Discovery is just a pale imitation of the also Gene Roddenberry originated TV series, Andromeda.

But is that fair? And if it isn’t fair, how the heck did this particular canard arise amongst the Trekkie fan community?

Wonder no more, fair reader, for the always reliable Rowan J Coleman is once more behind the camera to bring you his take on this hot Star Trek fan punch-up.

Perhaps Rowan’s next video should be how both Star Trek Discovery and Andromeda were kind of derivative of Hg Well’s Time Machine, which surely must qualify as the source code for the story of bloke travels to the future to rescue a fallen civilisation from a dark age-style tale?

Star Trek Discovery: just an Andromeda rip-off? (video)
Star Trek Discovery: just an Andromeda rip-off? (video)


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