Out of the Aether.

Here’s a new serial magazine distributed in e-book format, Aethernet magazine. It’s produced by husband and wife team Barbara and Tony Barbara Ballantyne. Most of the authors in the first issue – Tony Ballantyne, Eric Brown, Juliet E McKenna, Philip Palmer, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ian Whates – are best know for their SF and fantasy fiction, but this is really a non-SFF genre serial project, where authors contribute more or less whatever they like. It works, but mainly because the writers concerned are so damn good (in a lesser line-up, the experience would be rather more spotty, I suspect).

It’s great to see the e-book revolution and the dwindling ranks of the gatekeepers manning the publishing battlements being leveraged to produce something as worthy as this, rather than just ex-fan-fic Twilight-style bondage tales, however well they sell to the mass market!

Out of the Aether.
Out of the Aether.

Here’s what Tony Ballantyne had to say about his new baby…

Nowadays, fiction is instantly available. There are many short fiction magazines available for download, you can download a story collection in eBook form and be reading it in under a minute. Aethernet Magazine aims to satisfy a different need. Aethernet Magazine is aiming to reintroduce the pleasures of delayed gratification. Aethernet Magazine stands for the slow burn, the building excitement of waiting to see how a story plays out. We want to reintroduce the pleasure of the cliffhanger ending; the gradual reveal on lives building up to a bigger picture; the leisurely float down the river leading to some mysterious destination. Our stories are presented over time. Aethernet Magazine is here to help you rediscover the pleasure of anticipation…

Get yours over at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Aethernet-Magazine-Issue-1-ebook/dp/B00C3CDOS8/ or http://www.aethernetmag.com/buy/

Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt is a fantasy and science fiction author published in English the UK, Canada and Australasia by HarperCollins and in the USA by Tor. For all the foreign translations of his works, check out his web site at http://www.StephenHunt.net

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