Let’s help Jay Lake.

Update. Since we posted this news, the total raised has jumped from $12k to nearly $30k (with a $20k target). Thanks to all SFcrowsnest’s 800,000 readers for their help. Please keep going though, the genetic sequencing is only the first part of the equation, and as anyone in the USA who has ever got seriously sick knows, being as ill as Jay is, is an expensive business (and writing books even for the big six ((four?)) publishers, is increasingly, a ‘paying peanuts’ job).


Jay Lake is an award-winning American author of ten science fiction novels and over 300 short stories. He is also one of more than a million Americans who have colon cancer.

Diagnosed in April, 2008, Jay’s cancer has progressed from a single tumor to metastatic disease affecting the lung and liver, recurring after multiple surgeries and chemotherapy courses, and multiplying from single tumor presentations to multiple tumors presentations. Jay is now in his fourth round of chemotherapy, but it’s not clear that it’s working, and his doctors have little to go on in terms of advising further courses of treatment for him. In short, things are not looking good for Jay. Not at all.

Let's help Jay Lake.

However, a new technology is becoming available—one that may offer his doctors a better option for treating the cancer. We’re trying to raise funds to allow Jay to have whole genome sequencing.There is a small possibility that the results of such a test, which is more comprehensive than conventional genetic testing of tumors, may suggest a treatment path that Jay’s doctor’s may not have considered, and that could be life saving. It’s a really small chance, and Jay knows that.

Help him here…

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One thought on “Let’s help Jay Lake.

  • my Dad was diagnosed with stage four in 2006,
    It was a long and ugly battle, I hope this new treatment helps the coming battle.


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