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Laboratory Conditions (short scifi film: in full).

Jocelyn Stamat’s short science fiction film Laboratory Conditions has arrived.

Included in its cast are Marisa Tomei, Minnie Driver, and Paulo Costanzo.

Late one night, a doctor at a hospital realises that one of her patients has vanished—and has probably already gone tragically, given that he was not expected to live through the night.

The doctor follows the clues to a local medical school, where he discovers that students are conducting an illegal experiment on the corpse. A moral conundrum has arisen for the doctor, who must weigh her professional judgement against the immoral ambition of the head of the neuroscience department at the graduate level. It doesn’t matter whether the doctor succeeds in saving this patient because what about the next one?

Exactly when does human decency trump scientific inquiry and the “need to know?”

Laboratory Conditions (short scifi film: in full).
Laboratory Conditions (short scifi film: in full).


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