John Romita Sr. (1930-2023)

When Steve Ditko left the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ title, Stan Lee’s only choice for his replacement was John Romita. He had ghosted for Timely drawing Captain America and doing romance comics for DC Comics before joining Marvel in 1966, initially drawing Daredevil. His work on Spidey improved the sales and overtook the Fantastic Four and became Marvel’s art director in 1973.

(c) Marvel Comics

His influence went across the Marvel titles. He made jaws drop when we finally met Mary-Jane Watson. Ditko was quirky but needed to grow when Peter Parker left High School, he had to stop looking like a teen and more like an adult.

Romita’s artwork enthralled a generation or three and took everything in his stride.

You’re going to be missed, John


Geoff Willmetts

June 2023


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