Invasion season 2 (trailer: Apple TV scifi show).

Fellow aficionados of aliens, astronauts, and adulterous angst, prepare to retreat back to your viewing bunkers, for “Invasion,” the riveting Apple TV+ series from Simon Kinberg and David Weil, is poised to make a much-anticipated comeback. Yes, you heard right – Season 2 will premiere on August 23rd 2023, and it promises more heart-pounding, soul-searching, and spaceship-dodging action.

“Massive quarry? Check. Insta-famous mistresses? Check. Spiky-oil-black-mouthed aliens? Check.” Could this be a wild romp of a sci-fi bingo, you may wonder? Well, it’s none other than a quick checklist for what lies in store for our beleaguered band of humans in the upcoming season.

Our beloved characters, previously scattered like cosmic dust around the globe, are set to grapple anew with their alien aggressors. Whether it’s Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) tackling cosmic and conjugal calamities in Long Island, or Trevante (Shamier Anderson) wielding an American weapon in the midst of the Afghan desert, the series promises an intimate exploration of humanity amidst alien-induced anarchy.

Season one was a fascinating interplay of external invasion mirroring internal turmoils. The invasion brought out the best, worst, and most convoluted aspects of our characters – indeed, there’s nothing like a rampant alien threat to truly test one’s moral fiber (and we’re not talking about breakfast cereal here).

Invasion’s true masterstroke lies in its deft attention to human struggles, making the extraterrestrials appear almost…secondary. Not to downplay the blood-curdling, nightmare-inducing appearances of our spiky, growling invaders – but when a husband’s infidelity competes with an alien assault for screen-time, you know you’re in for a different kind of sci-fi.

Remember the ‘Lord of the Flies’ bus of bickering teens, helmed by a tyrant called Monty and blessed with a seer named Casper? It seems this motley crew is due for more character growth (or death by alien, let’s not get too optimistic). Plus, our secret space-station lovers in Japan, Hinata and Mitsuki, are likely to face more cover-ups, communications breakdowns, and cosmic complications.

Now, to address the perplexing case of Sam Neill, who wandered in and out of the show as an awkward Sheriff, probably quicker than it takes light to travel from the Earth to the moon. Will he return to offer more ‘cornfield insights’? Stay tuned.

That said, brace yourselves for potential pitfalls. As we traverse the terrain of this disaster narrative, we risk entering the danger zone of typical alien stories, where easy tropes threaten to eclipse nuanced character development. The show’s late-season pivot towards answering the alien stuff has the potential to undercut the intriguing human dramas we’ve been savouring.

But let’s not allow the spectre of predictability to dampen our anticipation. As SFcrowsnest’s resident optimist, I’m all in for the thrilling uncertainties that lie ahead. Are you? And remember, dear Earthlings, the biggest mystery isn’t about whether we are alone in the universe – it’s about what we are capable of, right here on our own planet.

So set your alarms, grab your popcorn, and prepare to join us as we dive back into the breathtaking world of “Invasion.” Whether for the spectacle of cosmic combat or for the simple joy of watching humans navigate existential crises during an apocalypse, there’s something for everyone. Alien invasions have never felt so personal.


Colonel Frog is a long time science fiction and fantasy fan. He loves reading novels in the field, and he also enjoys watching movies (as well as reading lots of other genre books).

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