Harper Voyager goes a-hunting new talent.

Book publishing scifi super-power Harper Voyager in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia are launching a joint venture aiming to offer aspiring writers the chance to join their global science fiction and fantasy imprint.

Harper Voyager is offering new writers the chance to submit full, unagented manuscripts for a limited two-week period. The publisher is seeking new authors with “Fresh voices, strong storytelling abilities, original ideas and compelling storylines.”

Harper Voyager is home to some of the biggest names in science fiction and fantasy, including Stephen Hunt, George R. R. Martin, Kim Harrison, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb, Richard Kadrey, Sara Douglass, Peter V. Brett and Kylie Chan.

Harper Voyager scouting for new writers.
Here’s one Harper Voyager did earlier.

The submission portal, www.harpervoyagersubmissions.com, will be open from the 1st to the 14th of October 2012. The manuscripts will then be read and those most suited to the global Harper Voyager list will be selected jointly by editors in the USA, UK and Australia.

Voyager is seeking an array of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly novels written in the epic fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural genres.

The submissions and digital publications are a joint, global effort by Harper Voyager, spearheaded by Deputy Publisher Director Emma Coode in the United Kingdom, Associate Publisher Deonie Fiford in Australia, and Executive Editor Diana Gill in the United States.

The three editors told SFcrowsnest that, “No other publishing company has done a coordinated submission period for unagented authors across three continents, and all of us at Harper Voyager and at HarperCollins Publishers are absolutely thrilled to be launching this huge opportunity. We look forward to discovering and digitally publishing many new exciting voices globally at Harper Voyager.”

Submission guidelines and key information can be found at www.harpervoyagersubmissions.com


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2 thoughts on “Harper Voyager goes a-hunting new talent.

  • Why unagented only? That seems a little odd to me and rather ominous.

    • Most major publishers don’t accepted unagented submissions any more. In fact it’s clearly stated in their guidelines that they don’t — so this is a way to offer an olive branch to the thousands of writers out there who may very well have saleable books but don’t yet have an agent.

      Not ominous at all, actually.


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