Frederik Pohl… rest in peace at 93.

Emily Pohl-Weary, granddaughter of science fiction author Frederik Pohl, sadly reports that the writer has passed away. “Rest in peace to my beloved grandfather Frederik Pohl, who showed me by example how to be an author. 1919-2013,” she notes over on Twitter.

Frederik was best known for his Heechee series of novels, about humanity chasing after alien artifacts from a vanished elder civilization, and he also edited Galaxy and its sister magazine If from 1959 to 1969. He collaborated with Jack Williamson on the Starchild trilogy and the Saga of Cuckoo duology.

He had a good innings and he leaves a great and distinguished body of work behind him. Bye Mr Pohl. They really don’t make them like you anymore. See you on the other side of the Blue Event Horizon.

Frederik Pohl... rest in peace.
Frederik Pohl… rest in peace.


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