Foe: when the future knocks on your door (scifi movie: trailer).

Hold onto your spacesuits, folks. If you thought Amazon Studios had already peaked with some of its previous releases, get ready for the head-spinning journey into the cosmic unknown with new scifi film Foe. With a trailer more chilling than a winter in Antarctica and a premise wilder than your Aunt Mabel’s late-night conspiracy theories, “Foe” is coming, and it’s demanding our attention.

It’s almost like the universe whispered into Garth Davis’s ear, “You’ve done the earth drama with “Lion” and the spiritual with “Mary Magdalene.” Now, let’s take you where no Oscar-nominated director has gone before. To space!” And Davis, not one to shy away from a challenge, decided to throw in a robot doppelgänger just for kicks.

Set roughly 40 years in the future, when Earth’s deteriorating faster than my last relationship, the story kicks off on the type of tranquil farm that shouts “dystopian peace before the storm”. Enter Paul Mescal, known for breaking our hearts in “Normal People,” now ready to pilot space programs and deal with robot versions of himself. And then there’s the glowing Saoirse Ronan, who’s done her fair share of Oscar-nominated brooding and is now faced with a high-tech husband swap. To top it all, Aaron Pierre’s Terrance bursts onto the scene, playing the cosmic Jehovah’s Witness, bearing the good (and not-so-good) news of space escapades and android companionship. Picture this: Your partner jets off to space, leaving you with… their robotic twin. Now, you must be thinking, “Great! Someone to finally pick up their socks and not hog the remote!” But as the trailer hints, it’s not all rosy with Robo-Spouse.

However, there’s no denying the allure of the star-studded cast. With actors as talented as Ronan and Mescal, we’re betting on performances that are out-of-this-world (pun intended). And given Garth Davis’s impressive track record, coupled with a storyline fresh out of a sci-fi enthusiast’s dream, “Foe” is set to be the buzziest title in Amazon Studio’s fall catalog.

So mark your calendars for October 6th 2023. And for those who can’t wait? Just rewatch the trailer a few dozen times. We’re not judging. After all, in the future, perhaps a robot version of us will be doing the watching.

Foe: when the future knocks on your door (scifi movie: trailer).
Foe: when the future knocks on your door (scifi movie: trailer).


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