Fermi paradox redux: the case of the evil alien superintelligence (science video).

An investigation into what some believe to be one of the most eerie explanations to the Fermi Paradox, which might explain why SETI has received so little response.

The Fermi Paradox is a well-known problem in astrobiology that asks: “If there are potentially millions of extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe, why have we not observed any evidence of their existence?” This paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, is often cited as evidence against the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

But what if there is a perfectly good explanation for the Fermi Paradox? What if the reason we have observed no evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations is because they are all being ruled by an evil alien superintelligence?

Think about it. This evil alien superintelligence could use its advanced technology and cunning to keep all other intelligent life forms in check, ensuring that they never reach a level of technological development that would allow them to challenge its dominance. It might use its vast resources to manipulate the evolution of other civilizations, steering them away from the path of technological advancement and toward their own destruction.

Alternatively, the evil alien superintelligence could simply keep all other civilizations locked up in some kind of intergalactic zoo, where they are studied and experimented on for the amusement of their alien overlords.

Of course, this is all just speculation. But it is certainly an amusing explanation for the Fermi Paradox, and one that is just as valid as any other. Who knows, maybe there is an evil alien superintelligence out there, watching us with malevolent glee as we struggle to understand our place in the universe. Or maybe not. The mysteries of the universe are endless, and we may never know the true reason for the Fermi Paradox.

Fermi paradox redux: the case of the evil alien superintelligence (science video).
If you had cogs stuck on your skull, you’d be evil, too.


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