DC League Of Super-Pets (2022) by Mark R. Leeper (a film review).

In ‘DC League Of Super-Pets’, the dog Krypto comes to Earth with Superman and, of course, he has super-powers. But when Lex Luthor and Lulu the Guinea Pig (don’t call her a hamster!) start fooling around with green kryptonite and orange kryptonite, a group of animals at the shelter gain super-powers as well.

This is clearly made to provide a family-friendly DC super-hero movie or family-friendler, since the DC superhero movies are mostly PG-13.

This is not an amazing addition to the canon (is it even canonical?), but there are some humorous moments, both for the adults and for the younger viewers.

(It is a little bizarre to have Dwayne Johnson voicing both Krypto and, in the inevitable coda, Black Adam.)

Released theatrically 29 July 2022. Rating: +1 (-4 to +4) or 6/10.

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