David Morrissey in TV adaptation of China Miéville’s scifi novel, The City And The City.

The Walking Dead‘s very own Governor, actor David Morrissey, is to play Inspector Tyador Borlú in the BBC Two adaptation of China Miéville’s fantasy scifi novel The City And The City.

Morrissey (The Missing, The Walking Dead) heads a cast which includes Mandeep Dhillon (Some Girls) as Constable Corwi of the Besźel Policzai, Maria Schrader (Deutschland 83) as Senior Detective Dhatt of the Ul Qoma Militsya, Ron Cook (Mr Selfridge) as Borlú’s superior Commissar Gadlem, Danny Webb (Humans) as hard-right nationalist politician Major Syedr, and Christian Camargo (Penny Dreadful) as Doctor Bowden, an American academic.

The City and the City
The City and the City

The body of a foreign student is discovered in the streets of the down at heel city of Besźel. Cases like this are run of the mill for Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad – until his investigations uncover evidence that the dead girl had come from another city called Ul Qoma. But the relationship between the two cities defies comprehension and will challenge everything Borlú holds dear.

David Morrissey told SFcrowsnest, “I am delighted to be working with the brilliant Tony Grisoni again on this exciting project. I am a huge fan of the original book by China Miéville.”

China Miéville noted, “It’s been fascinating and moving to witness the translation from fiction to script, and to work with Tony (Grisoni) and Tom (Shankland) and everyone on this production. What they’re making feels both familiar, sending me right back to the book, and yet very much their own, something I’m eager to discover. I’m extremely impatient for it!”

Tony Grisoni (The Young Pope, Southcliffe, The Red Riding Trilogy) is adapting this four-part scifi thriller in a production made by Mammoth Screen.



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One thought on “David Morrissey in TV adaptation of China Miéville’s scifi novel, The City And The City.

  • Morrissey also played an affable pseudo doctor complete with air balloon on an old Doctor Who. Likable!


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