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Comms (short scifi film: in full).

Let’s delve into the cybernetic realms of a free YouTube short, “Comms” by Domonic Smith. The film presents us with an ostensibly mundane premise: a quarterly review Zoom meeting, with Jason Kopka, our central character, essayed by Christopher Jackson. But in the grand tradition of the science fiction genre, the banality of the situation is shattered when an unknown visitor gatecrashes the virtual gathering.

As the narrative unfolds, the innocuous review session spirals into a labyrinth of the strange and the unknown. The identity of the digital interloper comes to the fore, transforming a humdrum meeting into an extraordinary encounter, replete with an unexpected and electrifying climax. Guided by Domonic Smith’s deft direction and a compelling performance by Samantha Ashley, amongst others, “Comms” interlaces the familiar with the uncanny, the ordinary with the extraterrestrial, to craft a narrative that, much like its titular technology, transcends boundaries.

Comms (short scifi film: in full).
Comms (short scifi film: in full).


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