Chrono Mechanics… Potholes in the Cosmic Road?

Comic-book genius Art Thibert has been beavering away in the comics industry for the usual suspects such as Marvel and DC, but he’s now doing a science fiction-themed creator-owned project with some really great looking art called Chrono Mechanics.

There’s a Kickstarter for it here… and, as you’d expect, it’s now collected its target loot, although there’s still a few days left if you want to get your hands on this lovely-looking hardback comic collection.

Here’s the story summary…

You know that time waits for no one and that time is a fickle mistress, but what you may NOT know is that time is also a big machine which was built into the very fabric of the universe.  This machine regulates all time and timelines.  And like any machine, it suffers from the occasional breakdown.  But lucky for mankind, Chrono, Inc. was created to monitor, regulate and repair this machine known as Time. Chrono, Inc’s mission is to keep the past, present and future from going kaflooey (yes, that’s a technical term). To this end, Chrono, Inc. employs outstanding individuals from an infinite number of timelines and transforms them into the highly skilled Time Repairmen known as Chrono Mechanics!

Chrono Mechanics... Potholes in the Cosmic Road?
Chrono Mechanics… Potholes in the Cosmic Road?


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