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Camouflage (short scifi movie: in full).

In the captivating dystopian thriller Camouflage, we follow the story of Amouf, an ordinary office clerk struggling to keep his life together as a brutal force darkens the world around him. As De Jager, a flamboyant and intimidating vigilante, rises to power, Amouf finds himself caught in the crosshairs of this tricky instigator. De Jager has sworn to systematically prosecute certain groups, and Amouf, lacking courage and strength, faces an uncertain future.

This short sci-fi film, skillfully directed by Remco Polman and Jantiene de Kroon, takes viewers on a gripping journey through a world where societal norms are challenged and resistance against hate and fear is paramount. With a talented team of animators, artists, and actors, “Camouflage” brings to life a visually stunning and emotionally charged story that will leave a lasting impression.

To watch “Camouflage” for free and connect with the filmmakers click the embed above, and follow them on Instagram @mooves_amsterdam. Experience the world of Amouf and De Jager and witness the power of resistance against a force that threatens to engulf everything in darkness.

Camouflage (short scifi movie: in full).
Camouflage (short scifi movie: in full).


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