Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson (graphic novel review).

Following on from The Darkseid War, the Batman is back in Gotham City, or rather, having some injuries stitched by Alfred in Wayne Manor. He needs to sort out why, when he had Metron’s chair, it couldn’t answer the question as to who the Joker was, discovering there were three of them. I must be careful how much I reveal about this New 52 three-part story without giving away spoilers. If you thought, like me, that it probably meant three people were copycats of each other, then you’re probably wrong. It’s more like the original Joker couldn’t be in two other places at the same time, so he recruited two others

Into this mix, we also have Batgirl and Jason Todd, posing both as Robin and Red Hood. Triple the force to track them down and find out what is going on. This is actually a rather strong story, on par with A Death In The Family, giving greater insight into both Batman and Joker, with a side offering with Batgirl and Robin. So much of it is spoiler, but it’s worth picking up.

Although I haven’t really delved much into the next DC reality after the New 52 and am more interested in Geoff Johns’ ascendency, some revelations at the end of this one should be carried over, especially regarding which villains know who Batman really is but choose not to disclose it. As I’ve commented in the past, with a little thought, it isn’t difficult to work out who he is. Granted, there have to be some wealthy people in Gotham, but how many have wards and homes conveniently close to the city to hide their exotic cars? I think in Batman’s boots, I would ensure there were enough wealthy men with wards around to act as a distraction without getting them killed.

There is also an interesting dilemma with Todd shooting one of the Jokers and if he’s handed over to the police, it will mean Batgirl would have to unmask to give evidence, and that would certainly mean a connection to who Batman really is. In that respect, I can see why some of their decision here is better for Todd to retire and the greater number of criminals they can continue to catch. Objectively, there is no proof other than Batgirl as a witness to Todd committing murder that the police could pursue him on.

Lots to think about that needs reflection in every reality twist in the multiple DC Universe reality.

GF Willmetts

January 2024

(pub: DC Comics, 2020. 160 page hardback graphic novel. Price: varies. ISBN: 978-1-77950-023-6)

check out website: www.dcccomics.com


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