Amazon yanks SimCity after game gets over 1000 negative one star reviews.

Amazon has taken the downloadable version of SimCity off-sale on its store after the recently revamped game got over a thousand one star reviews in a few days (currently 1047 stinkers). What are people complaining about? Busted copy protection, apparently. The boxed game is still for sale, though.

Here’s a typical review from a gamer call Jonny…

How would you feel if you waited for the new Corvette to come out, preordered one, and when you try to drive it home with its massive V8 engine the dashboard tells you, “Gas Pump not connected, aborting.”? Well, this is the world of EA games. For years now they have been plugging DRM into games regardless if it’s singleplayer or multiplayer. At some unspecified date, from a year to a few years down the line, they’ll pull the plug on the life-support of the game (aka server) and tah-dah! Your $60 game is now a $60 Frisbee.

Oh dear. I love SimCity, but don’t have any hands-on experience of this latest version. Maybe I’ll play it after they’ve fixed the over-eager security and server issues!

Amazon yanks SimCity after games get over 1000 negative one star reviews.
Amazon yanks SimCity after games get over 1000 negative one star reviews.


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