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Each issue has reviews of the best new science fiction and fantasy novels, comics, TV shows and movies, as well as many features, interviews and editorials, and around breaking news stories from the sci-fi genre.

We cover everything from Battlestar Galactica & Jackson’s new Hobbit movie, through to reviews of novels by Philip Pullman, Iain Banks and Terry Goodkind.

It’s just like those glossy sci-fi magazines you see sitting on the shelf of WH Smith and Borders – except you don’t have to pay $6.99 for each flipping copy!

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SFcrowsnest’s privacy policy is that we don’t sell or trade subscriber’s e-mail address to anyone else, ever. We hate spam, and discourage any SF or fantasy fans from acting on junk email. If you never act on it, these cyber slime will hopefully teleport back to their direct marketing hades and never bother us with their drivel again.

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Some of our celebrity subscribers’ comments

“A smart, sharp informative site. Well worth visiting.”
Michael Moorcock – Author & creator of Elric

“SFcrowsnest is fun, fractious, and in your face. It’s also in your computer, but it would be hard to ignore irrespective of its chosen medium.”
Alan Dean Foster – Author & creator of the Flinx series

“SFcrowsnest helps you keep a look-out on the heaving, chaotic ocean of Science Fiction!”
SM Stirling – Author of On the Oceans of Eternity

“What I like about is that it’s a ‘one-stop’ — you can find just about anything that interests you, from books, magazines, TV ‘sci-fi’ (ugh — how I hate that expression!) old and new, movies. comics – and, of course, ART!”
David A Hardy – Science Fiction Illustrator,

“What the fuck is SFcrowsnest?”
Sean Pertwee – Actor: Gotham, Mutant Chronicles, Doomsday, Equilibrium, Dog Soldiers, The 4th Reich (as overheard at the Arthur C Clarke Awards, 28th April 2010).