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Torchwood: Goodbye Piccadilly by James Goss (CD review).

Only a few years from their first outing together Sgt. Andy Davidson (Tom Price) and Norton Folgate (Samuel Barnett) return in ‘Goodbye Piccadilly’. The dynamic duo is thrust together when Andy is dumped into the past. He awakes naked and chained to the bed in 1950s Soho and next to him is Norton Folgate. It’s times like this I wish Big Finish came with pictures.

Andy is now Norton’s assessor and must demonstrate his commitment to Torchwood. This is Soho, London with its full share of bent coppers, gangsters and a lurid nightlife that serves to protect those that, as yet exist on the fringes of society. There is so much scope for them to get killed and yet somehow they make it out of their first imprisonment only to find even worse problems and it’s not just about finding some clothes.

As Andy and Norton flee naked through the streets of Soho, we are shown the hidden underside in more detail and Andy must decide if Norton is truly committed to Torchwood or if he’s playing another game entirely. The powers that be think Norton is corrupt and such is Norton’s personality it’s hard for Andy to find out the truth.

The extras with the cast and crew highlight the research by writer James Goss which show many of the oddities included are based on historical fact. The research sits lightly in the plot but it’s great to find out some hidden social history has been exposed by this story.

The gruesome twosome are a hit as they bite with relish into the excellent script. There are a few niggles like how is Andy corporeal in the 50s without a time travel device for instance but who actually cares. I want more of this fun team. Tom Price as Sgt. Andy is a ray of singular sunshine and Norton Folgate is my second favourite after Andy. Together, they are murder.

Sue Davies

May 2022

(pub: Big Finish, 2018. 1 CD 60 minutes. CD: Price: £ 9.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78703-467-9. Download: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78703-468-6)

cast: Samuel Barnett, Tom Price , Rachel Atkins, Liam Hourican, Wilf Scolding and Lucy Sheen

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