The Enzmann Starship: a craft we could use to reach the stars today? (science video)

Back in the last century, a chap called Robert Enzmann came up with the idea of a massive spaceship that could travel across the galaxy in under twenty years. We might be exploring the cosmos now if we had put the same effort into space travel as he did with his starship, which utilised technology and scientific concepts we had figured out half a century ago.

The Enzmann Starship – a notional planned model that has captured the imagination of science fiction fans for decades! Despite never being built, this starship is a true marvel of engineering, with its fission-fusion powered design, eight nuclear-pulse propulsion engines, and dozens of pulse-engine tugs.

But don’t just take our word for it – let’s delve a bit deeper into the design and operation of this legendary spacecraft.

At 305 meters in diameter, the Enzmann Starship would be a behemoth of the cosmos if it were ever built. Its modular design would feature three cylindrical living modules that are each 300 feet wide and long, providing plenty of space for the crew to stretch their legs (or tentacles, depending on the species). With a launch mass of 3-12 million tons, this starship would be capable of reaching speeds of 30% the speed of light – fast enough to get you to the nearest habitable planet in no time.

But the Enzmann Starship isn’t just about speed – it’s also about sustainability. As Dr. Enzmann himself said, “A true starship is able when reaching a landfall as hospitable as the Earth’s moon to reproduce itself. Yes, this might take a century or more, but it’s fundamental.” In other words, the Enzmann Starship is designed to be able to set up shop on a new planet and start building more Enzmann Starships, ensuring that humanity (or whatever species is piloting the ship) can explore and colonize the galaxy for generations to come.

And speaking of exploration, the Enzmann Starship is the ultimate machine for opening up the galaxy to manned flight – at least, in theory. With its advanced engines and spacious living quarters, this starship would be capable of taking us to the stars and beyond if it were ever built. As a U.S. WWII Navy Pilot and a prolific science fiction writer, Dr. Enzmann knew a thing or two about what it would take to make space travel a reality, and his vision lives on through the notional planned model of the Enzmann Starship.

So the next time you’re gazing up at the night sky, dreaming of what lies beyond our atmosphere, think of the Enzmann Starship – a testament to the boundless possibilities of human ingenuity and the enduring spirit of exploration, even if it exists only in the realm of theory for now.

The Enzmann Starship: a craft we could use to reach the stars today? (science video)
The Enzmann Starship: a craft we could use to reach the stars today? (science video)

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