Steve Rude Sketchbook (artbook review).

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I managed to locate a copy of the 1989 artbook, ‘Steve Rude Sketchbook’, mostly to follow up what he’d been saying in recent reading of interviews he did over at TwoMorrows publications and wanted to see something of his early work. I never read his and Mike Barron’s ‘Nexus’ when young but I am interested in his creative process.

He was 33 when this book came out and as explained herein relied on copying other artists to learn their style and there are a mountain of early artists, including Andrew Loomis, hence my interest. All artists pick up artbooks to look and study the art. What we know now and how he is doing is finger memory, letting the lines get under his skin. We see a similar thing with writing. Read enough authors and not favouring just a few will let some of the techniques sink in but not adopt any particular style and hope your own voice comes out whether in story or art. The same thing applies to art as you get the needed practice under your belt when young.

If you do locate this book, don’t expect to treat it as a means to learn how to draw. If you draw already, then you’ll know a lot of the techniques Rude’s using, plus a look at the artists that influenced him. There is also a colour section where he turns to painting, citing a change keeps him fresh. Something that all comicbook artists ought to consider than work solely in one medium.

It’s a shame that some of his source artists books aren’t available, more so as a couple were released in recent years and sold out, a clear clue that they should be reprinted.

Whatever your artistic medium, the main lesson from this book is look for the work of artists that you find appealing, especially away from your usual choices. There is always something to learn.

If you’re just into Steve Rude’s art, then you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get a mint copy.

GF Willmetts

October 2020

From https://amzn.to/3d96qbv in the UK

(pub: Kitchen Sink Press, 1989. 136 page illustrated softcover. Price: I pulled my copy for about £30.00 (UK). ISBN: 0-87816-047-7)


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