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Star Wars: Squadrons game review (video).

In this 17-minute long PC game review, our man with his finger on the trigger finger, Scott Manley, brings us his take on the new dog-fighting Star Wars game, Star Wars: Squadrons.

He goes on to say,

“Star Wars Squadrons is a space combat simulator set in the Star Wars universe, it’s a callback to the old X-Wing and TIE Fighter games of the 1990’s which many game fans think have never been replicated in modern times. What Squadrons offers is a new, modern game engine with 8 spacecraft to fly, a 14 mission campaign covering both Rebel Alliance and Imperial pilots, and a 10 player Arena battle mode pitching teams of Rebels vs Imperials. And of course all dressed up with modern 3D models and sound effects more or less borrowed from the Star Wars: Battlefront games. And this leaves us with a game that’s sold at a bargain price – only $40, probably because a lot of the expensive development is making the assets. I don’t think it has the depth of the old X-Wing games, but it’s got a more complex flight model than the Rogue Squadron games targetted at games consoles. It certainly looks and sounds great, and offers a fairly good story featuring lots of callbacks to the larger Star Wars universe, but the campaign is a lot shorter than the old games and multiplayer isn’t for everyone.”

Star Wars: Squadrons game review (video).


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