Russian scientist defects with tale of sub-Antarctic battle with strange creature (weird news).

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A Russian climate scientist has defected taking a crazy account of what happened when he and his team went missing for five days while exploring a strange subterranean lake 12,000 feet beneath the ice-sheet.

Dr. Anton Padalka briefed the Swiss government about how his research team came across an odd, hostile life form that the Russian government subsequently classified under the title Organism 46-B – which the doctor described as a highly intelligent creature akin to an octopus.

It murdered three of the doctor’s team before the remaining scientists high-tailed it back to the surface.

This odd story rather put’s me in mind of the crazy end of the thriller novel, Secrets of the Moon (see https://amzn.to/3iizTAo in the UK or https://amzn.to/2GcmMnw for the USA).

I wonder if Dr. Anton Padalka is a fan – and if the ruins of Atlantis are being protected by the octopus-like killing machine?

Russian scientist defects with tale of sub-Antarctic battle with strange creature (weird news).

Russian scientist defects with tale of sub-Antarctic battle with strange creature (weird news).


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  1. Jim Farrell says:

    Much as I enjoy a bit of fun. I have, for example, many fun friends. OK, perhaps two fun friends if you include the postman. And my wife, but she is not all that funny really.
    In any case what is going on with all this UFO and bizarre conspiracy bullcrap which has started appearing on crowsnest and presented as fact.
    No expedition has gotten anywhere near Vostok in person though the russians did drill a borehole in 2012 which was sealed after fears of biological contamination.
    Come on. This is a science fiction website. It has science in the title. Yes this stuff can be amusing but don’t present it as factual material and give it credibility. There are impressionable people out there. What next ? QAnon ?

  2. ColonelFrog says:

    I think Q is too busy messing with the Federation a few centuries down the line, to bother with all this Deep State conspiracy stuff, Jim, but meanwhile, here’s an article to wet your whistle!


    • Jim Farrell says:

      Great article, Colonel. Thanks. I once spent 30 mins trying to persuade a mother to vaccinate her son with MMR (she brought it up, not me, I was treating his chest infection at the time so he couldn’t have had it then and there anyway). I made absolutely no progress at all in persuading her that MMR wouldn’t give her child autism then noticed in the notes that actually he had already been given it a month before.
      I asked her what she thought he had been given and she said she didn’t know, just trusted the health visitor to do the right thing. Then she heard the publicity re. MMR and like a lot of parents, panicked, thinking she had a terrible decision to make.
      Forgetting what that story says about informed consent it does show how people can swing between complete trust and absolute suspicion in the few minutes it takes to read an article or a facebook post or watch a 2 minute TV spot.
      Anyway Im an original series man. Nobody would really put a bald Frenchman in charge of a starship and Q seemed incredibly annoying.

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