New video showing UFO footage from the USS Omaha’s deck (weird news).

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Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp chat about the latest video shot from the USS Omaha’s deck showing mystery lit-up UFOs surrounding the warship.

And here’s Richard Dolan musing about the tepid nature of the now-published UAP Task Force Report.

He reckons there are competing factions inside the U.S. government – one of which wants disclosure, another of which wants everyone to go back to sleep, please.

He also chats about interesting leaks now circulating from the full UFO report shown to selected Senators and Congress-people.

And here’s Secureteam with a theory that the USA might be releasing really crap quality images and video so they can later turn around and blame it on dodgy hardware, and send the mainstream back to sleep again.

New video showing UFO footage from the USS Omaha's deck (weird news).

New video showing UFO footage from the USS Omaha’s deck (weird news).


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  1. Charles Longway says:

    Great coverage!

    This encounter raises some uncomfortable questions about the humans.
    First, why was this military mission impacted? It is expensive to put 100 or more objects on a mission. The organization that sent the objects staffed a multi million dollar equivalent effort. A decision must have been made that the benefit was worth the cost. What did this organization accomplish? If I was on one of the ships I would have got the message that we are being watched and that we can be stopped by force at any moment. The commanders should have got some message from this.
    Second, was the mission true to American values? An organization highlighted this mission. What were we doing?
    Third, have military missions been turned back by UAP encounters? When Trump stood down on Iran with the aircraft in the air, did we encounter an unanticipated player in the air?

    UAPS have shown not only capabilities we have no hope of matching, but character in beings fired upon and not firing back. We have nothing to lose by putting in place a policy of no military engagement with these objects.

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