MOLD! (2012) (dvd review).

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From the USA, released by the MVD Group which specialises to some extent in unusual, to put it mildly, DVDs of movies which don’t come on general release in the cinema, we’ve got an offering called ‘MOLD!’ which is a low-budget affair with a shock horror theme. Directed by Neil Meschino, it is 90 minutes of fun, dark humour, satire and horror full of over-acting and it’s well worth watching.

I haven’t heard of any of the actors before but they are not bad at all. Even the director takes a part and though there will be no Oscars coming from ‘MOLD!’, the guys give wholehearted performances. Over the top, yes, but they get into the spirit of the movie. Above all, this movie should not be taken too seriously.


The story behind the plot begins with the USA’s war on drugs. In order to knock out the cocoa fields in Colombia, they have resorted to biological warfare in developing a mould which will destroy the crops but bungling scientists have overlooked the fact that it also attacks humans in a devastatingly gross manner. In a movie which is a throwback to the 1980s with a very limited budget, and this shows as well, there are no CGI on view. That’s a good thing because this gives the make-up artists a free hand in special effects and do they make some good special effects? The whole range is there from exploding heads to puss covered faces and hands. Yes, it can be grotesque!

Health and safety procedures seem to be non-existent in this laboratory and the equipment is rather primitive. The bungler who drops the test-tube that releases the deadly mould into the environment of the bunker in which they work is soon rewarded for his mistake by a disintegrating face. Guards with protective suits have no option but to shoot him. As you would expect, this isn’t the end of the rampage and it goes through the entire complex wrecking havoc. This brings out the characters of all the actors, the scientists, the administrators and the military. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the military are over-inflated stereotypes. Don’t worry, it’s all meant to be!

As said, the humour is dark and very funny. In trying to be overly serious, they end up being hilarious. With limited resources, the director has done a very good job in producing a movie which ends up being satisfyingly rewarding. If you are looking for a serious plague movie, forget it because that’s not what you will find here. This is a take the piss parody of the drug war, the military and the scientists.

You get moments of tension as they try to stop the plague from passing through the complex and escaping outside. People become infected. You know certain people are doomed to a disgusting and ungainly end. I’m not sure what they utilised to do the special effects but they are horrifyingly good. You cannot be serious! You’ve got to laugh at this!

My only fear is that some people will purchase ‘MOLD!’ and be disappointed because it’s not like, for instance, ‘Outbreak’ but hopefully on viewing the movie they will be pleasantly surprised and end up laughing instead of crying. Yes, I would recommend this as one to watch. Well done to the director and actors. Let’s hope we will be seeing more of them in the future unless, of course, they end up being eaten by the mouldy virus.

Rod MacDonald

(region 1 DVD: MVD Entertainment Group B00B81NS9K. 86 minute film with extras. Price: $14.95 (US))
stars Edward X. Young, Ardis Campbell, Robert Fattorini, Chris Gentile, Lawrence George and Rick Haymes
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