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Mind Game – Special Edition by David J Howe (book review).

‘Mind Game’ is the novelisation of the Reeltime Saga which is available on DVD. Originally written by Terrance Dicks, the characters that also appear in ‘Doctor Who’ are a Sontaran and a Draconian. They meet the aptly named Star who bears a resemblance to the backpack and baseball touting Ace.

Field Marshall Sarg, a Sontaran eager to die in honourable conflict but not particularly efficient at filling up his fuel pipe, is snatched away and finds himself in prison. He is joined by a Draconian, also abducted and then by a human female who claims to be a mercenary. The prison is unremarkable and rather grubby and the reason for their incarceration unknown but the female opts to conserve her strength by sleeping whilst encouraging her fellow prisoners to do the same. Her calming influence means they can ponder on what comes next.

This is a neatly packaged tale which might actually leave you feeling quietly pleased with the outcomes. It efficiently sums up the reason versus war philosophy running through ‘Doctor Who’ bringing our female to the fore and proving she would have made a pretty Ace Doctor. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable story which brings the Sontaran angle up-to-date and makes a cheeky face at those who think women aren’t at the centre of the universe

This is a fairly short novella at 125 pages and has added colour photographs of the original drama. It also includes an introduction explaining the reason for the novel and how it was created with the blessing of Terrance Dick’s widow. It’s a nice tribute to the body of work and his enduring creations.

Sue Davies

October 2020

(pub: Telos, 2020. 138 page book. Price: £12.99 (UK). ISBN 978-1-84583-986-4)

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