Is civilization in danger of extinction? (science video)

The Roman Empire, which at its height housed nearly 30% of the world’s population, was in many respects the zenith of human development. Rome was a hub of legal, economic, and technical advancement and the first city in history to have one million residents. a strong, prosperous, and stable empire that is hard to collapse.

But then, the most advanced society on Earth fell, first gradually and then abruptly. What about us now if this is how things have always been? Will we lose industrial technology and, with it, our greatest accomplishments, such as cellphones, laser eye surgery, and pizza for a dollar? Will all of this also disappear?

Is civilization in danger of extinction? (science video)
Is civilization in danger of extinction? (science video).

2 thoughts on “Is civilization in danger of extinction? (science video)

  • Hmmm. Effective altruism? Or hopeless optimism (if that’s not an oxymoron).

    The video concntrated on humanity’s activities – and seemed to ignore external potential threats (solar flares, asteroid collisions… ) though obviously there’s not a lot ‘we’ can do to avoid such things.

    I’m more concerned with the seemingly less dangerous threats than even climate change and nuclear war – such as the increasing ‘anti-science/knowledge’ bias in too many. Even the libraries that the video suggests will provide a back-up in the event of catastrophe are under threat in many ‘civilised’ countries – and I’m not pointing the finger solely at the US though that ‘culture’ is particularly worrying.

    I’m not suggesting, as some have, that we are in or fast approaching ‘The End Times’ even if much of the US (again in particular) seems to be embracing such a future. At best himans can achieve greatness – but sadly too often too many individuals are too selfish to wish or be able to think beyond ‘Me! Me!’…

    Oh dear. The day
    started out so well!

  • I think this mistakes “culture” and “civilization”. The Roman culture did not “collapse”. Rome the city, and Rome the empire did indeed die. But civilization lived on…in the Middle East, and East… and arguably the west.

    We did not lose Rome’s satellites or computer industry. We did not loose scientific advances or…well anything… except the rotting institutions they became. Even that evolved and changed dramatically during their empire…until it did not.

    Like large institutions…Rome evolved to have NO purpose other than to sustain itself. The the rot and then collapse. That is not the world or civilization.

    We to shall change… perhaps collapse institutions/countries. Hopefully, not civilization.


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