Aliens: the science facts behind the science fictions (article).

Michael Siegel is here to look at the science facts behind the science fictions of the “Alien” and “Aliens” movies, directed by Ridley Scott and James Cameron respectively. Both are iconic science fiction films that have captured the imagination of audiences for decades. The two films feature a number of science fiction concepts and technologies that are integral to their storylines. Here’s a brief overview of some of the science that underlies these classic films:

Cryosleep – In both movies, the crew of the spaceship Nostromo and the marines of the Sulaco are placed in cryosleep, a state of suspended animation, during their journey through space. Cryosleep is a science fiction staple that allows characters to travel vast distances without aging or experiencing the passage of time. In real life, scientists are exploring the possibility of using induced hypothermia or other techniques to put humans into a state of suspended animation, but these methods are still in the early stages of development.

Exobiology – The Alien creature itself is a central element of both movies, and its biology plays a major role in the story. The Alien is a formidable predator with a complex and adaptable physiology, including a highly durable exoskeleton, acidic blood, and the ability to gestate and grow inside other organisms. While the science behind the Alien’s biology is purely fictional, the concept of exobiology – the study of life on other planets – is a real and active area of scientific research.

Terraforming – In the “Aliens” movie, the planet LV-426 is being terraformed by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, which is attempting to make it habitable for human colonization. Terraforming is the process of altering the environment of a celestial body (such as a planet or moon) to make it more suitable for human habitation. This could involve manipulating the atmosphere, surface temperature, or other factors to create conditions that are similar to those on Earth. While terraforming is currently purely speculative, it is an idea that has been explored by scientists and science fiction writers alike.

Artificial intelligence – Both the “Alien” and “Aliens” movies feature artificial intelligence (AI) characters, including the spaceship’s computer system, Mother, and the AI Bishop in “Aliens.” These characters are capable of independent thought and action, and play important roles in the story. In real life, AI technology has made significant progress in recent years, but it is still limited in its capabilities compared to the fictional AI characters depicted in these movies.

Aliens: the science facts behind the science fictions (article).
Game over, man.

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