You Won’t Believe A Man Can… a short story by: GF Willmetts.

You don’t really understand why I’m here. Just because you think I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not telling the truth. Believe me, this truth would make anyone paranoid.

Do you know what made people think I was paranoid? I don’t believe air travel is possible! All right, I can hear you say you have proof and footage. The Wright brothers. World War Two. Any war since then. Films. TV. News footage. None of it is recent. It can all be faked. We fake space travel in films, so why is it so hard to convince you the same applies to air travel? That includes you flying abroad on holiday.

Airports. Big enough to place to put hypnotised people for the duration and think they’ve been somewhere. If not there, then look at how many hotels there are around them. Plenty enough to stash folk and leave some waiting around in the terminals to look convincing in bad weather, mostly because there’s nowhere else to go because the hotels are already full of hypnotised people, all convinced that they are actually abroad. Look at how many people can remember more about their time at the airport than their holiday. It’s a cheap flight. Can’t get cheaper than that. Look at the presents that are brought back. Made in China or Korea. Not the country that you went to. Probably shipped over by the freight load. I never said ships couldn’t float or carry people. I do know what buoyancy is. Look at how many people report bad holidays because the hotels weren’t up to scratch. That’s mostly because they had too many people to house and put them in building sites.

You Won’t Believe A Man Can... a short story by: GF Willmetts.
You Won’t Believe A Man Can… a short story by: GF Willmetts.

I can see you saying what about those airplanes in the sky. There’s one overhead right now. Not real. Just a tiny plane under remote control. Window dressing. The height fools anyone. Can you measure two hundred feet up? One hundred feet up? I never said little planes couldn’t fly, just that you couldn’t get people up in them.

Why are people fooled? A country that has an air force can beat any country that hasn’t. You start a rumour that you have an air force then the next country has to have one as well. Soon it becomes wide-spread. Who’s going to admit that their planes aren’t real or can carry people? Except all these countries have populations and the myth needs to be enforced. There’s probably a unilateral United Nations agreement hidden in their vaults. Why do you think the UN has representatives there instead of world leaders? It would take too long to ship…I said ship them in.

Look around the world. They all have identical travel agents. All have identical airports. It’s all a con. It brings in a lot of tax revenue for little cost. A hidden deal by all the countries. They can hardly tell the truth. Why do you think boats are still used? Why do you think there are underground tunnels between countries like Britain and France? People still have to go abroad but no one’s achieved manned air travel. Why else have a myth about jet lag so you’re out of contact for those extra couple days it takes to get anywhere?

The early attempts to fly planes were copying birds but it messed the motors. Probably got feathers in them. Then there was that understanding of aerodynamics. They could make it work with model planes but they were far too heavy to carry engines and people. An aeroplane weighing several tons flying. C’mon, does that sound like the truth? Even the Wright brothers could only get a couple hundred yards before crashing. Probably the only time it was done but they’d hardly get across the ocean. So the myth was developed. Flying made people feel good that they could see places they’d never been before. Feeling good is a good way to stop them complaining.

Think about your last holiday abroad. Forget the photos and film footage and mementoes. Tell me what you remember about the holiday itself? Does it become a fading memory after a few weeks? How often do you talk about it with your friends? There’s the few obsessives who do holiday nights for their friends but they weave stories out of their heads as to what happened with photographs. They don’t really remember and all those boring pictures are the same and other than imposing you onto them no one compares them. No one does. A lot of people go out of their way to avoid such nights. It’s a fiction. You would only get that way if you were hypnotised. They’ve just got a lot better with the drugs as well and digital pictures have cut out the developing time. Hell, they can even make you experience trouble on planes. Kids running around. Turbulence. Pass the sick bag. It makes it even easier to forget such things. I’ve heard rumour that they even fake the fuselage and you thought that was only in films. Hah!

What about hi-jackings and plane crashes? People were dead. That’s the beauty of their story. Not everyone is good with hypnosis or drugs. People die from the drugs. Not many but enough to create the odd crash to account for them being dead. It’s all so neatly planned. Even plane delays when there is a backlog of people. Everyone expects bad weather so they exploit it from time to time. It builds up the realism. Who’s going to believe in perfection?

There’s always been myths about flying. Look at Icarius. Wax wings? Look at how people fell for that one. They even felt sorry for the poor bastard when his son flew too near to the sun and his wings melted. Can they have flown that high? With wax wings? The next time they had flying people it was with that Clark Kent chap…Superman. No wax wings. No pretence that it was his cloak that enabled him to fly. He was an alien and could fly in our atmosphere. People believed it but no one tried it because he was an alien. The same goes with flying by hammer, ring and armour. Nothing you could copy at home. You haven’t seen anyone trying to build their own versions of aeroplanes since the 1920s because they couldn’t get it to work.

Ah! I can see you thinking. Why am I getting away with telling you this? Why haven’t they locked me up or made me forget with their hypnotic drugs? I don’t go near the airports. I avoid their traps. Who’s going to believe me? Do you believe me? You think I’m crazy. I’m not! One person not believing won’t tumble a world of lies. Look for the proof yourself. I’ll tell you how.

Find a neighbour or friend who’s been to the same holiday abroad as yourself and compare your photos. See how they are of the same place and other than you being in the picture that they could have been taken by the same hand. You’ll probably find you even stayed in the same hotel and how bad it was. How big a coincidence is that? Pul-ease! You’ve been conned with a fake. Tell them to check with their other friends and them their friends. The word will soon get out.

Above all, don’t go to the airport. Do you want to forget all of this? If you want a holiday, stay in at home. Don’t try to leave the country. Avoid boats and ferries. They’re already being used to take people who have to have jobs abroad and large areas of it are off limits. Besides, how else do the illegal immigrants get in? They never take planes.

The truth should be known. Spread it by word. If you think you’re paranoid about governments already, then what they really do to your lives is far worse. The nation’s people needs to know the truth. They can’t hypnotise us all. Can they?!


© GF Willmetts 2013

All rights reserved

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