Would A Secret Alien Defence Organisation Work Today?: a speculative article by: GF Willmetts.

With a title like ‘Would A Secret Alien Defence Organisation Work Today?’, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure that I’m drawing a comparison to the 1970s TV series ‘UFO’ and its secret organisation, SHADO, and their attempts to stop aliens coming to Earth with the intention of collecting humans for organ transplants. Although there is no evidence that this is happening in our own reality, just how easy would it be to run such a covert organisation today where nothing stays secure for long and what would its protocols be?

When we look back to the early 1970s and earlier, the likes of Project Blue Book had the American military and other nations publicly denying the existence of UFOs. The CIA in recent years have acknowledged that it was a useful smokescreen to hide exotic American stealth aircraft in flight. Logistically, I would have to ask could you mistake the SR-71 Blackbird as a UFO considering how high it flew at Mach 3 and there were no photographs of it amongst the unidentified flying objects out there?

Of course, we don’t have full disclosure of all the exotic American aircraft the military were flying and only the so-called Aurora Project might be conceived as one that might have been filmed as being possibly terrestrial. Any advanced technology with potential commercial use would eventually be downgraded into more public use if it could be useful. It would be unlikely that the way the SR-71’s low radar signature would adapted to commercial aircraft but it still hasn’t been done to all other military aircraft. I’m using the Blackbird as the example that most people here would have some familiarity with and, to use the old line, there are other stealth aircraft available.

People have been seeing UFOs or UAPs for many decades now, not helped by the number of fakes messing things up, but its only recently that the American navy’s aircraft carrier, the Nimitz footage from it and its aircraft noting they aren’t sure what it is they’ve seen that has come to light in 2018. I think that is in part because it would have been impossible to keep quiet about it anymore. It wasn’t one or two people but people on an aircraft carrier and aircraft with recording equipment. A sharp contrast from the official line of decades back. Whatever they were watching, it certainly wasn’t built by terrestrial means.

If it was an alien invasion, then they would surely have done so by now. At most, they are either a small colony just taking up a small acreage on Earth or/and watching its local sentients, that’s us, by the way. If they are potentially doing anything covert to undermine mankind, then there is a security cover on that assumption. Then again, mankind is messing up the Earth all on its own without needing help from any extra-terrestrial source. If anything, you would think they would want to remedy the problems, assuming they went through a similar situation on their home planet. That would mean putting a stop to mankind and none of their activities so far have suggested that. Maybe they are assuming we can work things out or fail in our own attempt.

Before we consider whether we need an organisation to observe or stop them, maybe it would make sense to see if there’s anything to accuse them of for stepping over the line. Certainly, they are our technological superiors. Their flying craft are capable of moving from floating to beyond Mach 6 in a matter of seconds, although we would have to assume that these might actually be unmanned (for the want of a better word without being able to identify if there is one or more extra-terrestrial species) drones.

There are many noted cases of abductions and surgical procedures carried out, with some apparently having some implanted tracking devices. As far as is known, all said abductees have been returned so any charge of abduction could be considered as lapsed. Considering we do the same to other members of the animal kingdom, mankind could equally be faced with a similar charge. Had we also landed on an alien planet and wanted to remain away from the native sentient species, wouldn’t we also do a similar activity to find out more about them?

Considering the current mess various leaders of different countries are making of the world, we can hardly think they have been interfering with human activity. Well, unless that was their intention. Then again, if they wanted global warming, they would know better ways to speed things up than the way we are doing now.

About the only thing we could accuse them of is waiting to be the next inhabitants of this planet after mankind’s extinction or not helping us prevent it.

However, we are aware of their presence and as this planet’s current curators, we do have as much right to be curious about them as they are of us. What we lack is the means to get close to them, let alone want them aware of our intent. How long that would last is debatable. One would have to presume they are not reading this article. If they are, hi out there.

So why should such an organisation looking for UAPs be kept secret when so many people have seen or believe in them? It’s one thing for military acknowledgement that there is something flying around in our atmosphere but an active pursuit would have the media and various populations be kept up-to-date as to what was happening. If we are to consider that these extra-terrestrials are watching, then they would also be privy to our progress and circumvent our activities. Covert is clearly the best option if there are plans to deter or infiltrate any bases on Earth simply because they have access to our media. If they were travelling in from another planet or bigger starship on a regular basis with the number of satellites and telescopes watching local space, some of them would have spotted them by now.

It isn’t as though we can chase after them. Our fastest aircraft can’t travel beyond Mach 3.3 and that record still belongs to the SR-71 Blackbird, long since retired. The hypersonic North American X-15 reaches Mach 6.7 but it is more a rocket than a plane and certainly hasn’t got the capacity to stop quickly like the craft it would be following and that was 40 years ago and it still wasn’t fast enough. Even if either was still available, they would not be suitable for such a mission other than maybe identifying where they land and there are better ways to do it. As noted, the Earth is surrounded by satellites of our own making. Connected in line, it is conceivable that they could track one of their vehicles or more to get a steer to where they land.

Can we speculate where that might be? Logistically, it is unlikely to be that close to any human habitation. Even if they possessed shielding to make their presence invisible, someone would surely walk into such a barrier sooner or later and they certainly can’t be phantoms as far as we know.

There are certainly enough places around the world with limited appeal to humans or habitation. The forests in Canada and other countries. Parts of the Antarctic and some isolated mountain areas. We’ll forget the Arctic, simply because its ice masses are melting and if they are aware of global warming wouldn’t want to be there. Considering that UAPs have been seen diving into the oceans, we could assume that they have an underwater base or its access by a tunnel therein to some air-locked area, assuming they aren’t amphibians. Although a few people have been to the deepest parts of the ocean, none would be foolish enough to venture outside their vehicles. We must also assume that they would need sunlight and a means to grow vegetables and a meat protein source as part of their diet than rely on ‘space rations’. On that assumption, these extra-terrestrials could be closer to our tastes or options assuming they are here for an extended time.

But why stay here for so long? Even interstellar travellers might get fed up travelling all the time and scientific surveys could be based on centuries not years. Although we’ve recently proven there are many atmosphere planets across the cosmos, the distance between them is very prohibitive. Were we capable of travelling to one of these planets, would we really want to continue travelling without some necessity to do so?

Although it is likely that these aliens have been here a long time and probably showing great patience, we do have to speculate are they all of the same view in this and if they aren’t, what kinds of dissidents actions could be used to speed things up and would other members of their colony here show concern over this? Although it is possible, there have been no recorded instances to this aim. Even so, should it happen, the result is likely to be the same.

If we do get a proper introduction, we would still have to understand why they haven’t done any formal meetings with us. Mankind is notoriously xenophobic. We might wish otherwise, but our record with our own species isn’t particularly impressive. They might observe us but I doubt if they want to get any closer than they have to. If this was proven, then those responsible for this discovery may not be released or at least not with any memory of the encounter. A secret organisation seeking to do otherwise would need to follow what they are doing and rely on manpower more than high-tech. Although there would be some need for military trained personal, there would also be a need for scientists and free-thinkers to be part of the team to make some sense of what is going on and bring different perspectives to the table.

There would certainly need to be an edge over what we currently have for technology. It would probably make more sense to infiltrate as a potential abductee and have a look from the inside, assuming they can remember what they see or at the best, carry a message of greetings to them.

In that respect, should we just stop investigating? I bet our curiosity would say otherwise. We need to know what is going on and, once we do, try to establish some proper communications between us and hope they don’t see us all as xenophobic or primitive. We would also have to respect their wishes not to share technology we are not equipped to handle.

Would there be public panic if aliens are found on Earth or in local space? The reaction from the 2017 reveal in the USA would suggest otherwise. If anything, people are more concerned with having honesty from their various government than any fear of invasion. When you consider the number of SF films that have portrayed first encounters, aliens bad and good that people have gotten used to the idea and that includes people wouldn’t consider themselves SF fans.

If anything, the top secret reveal currently is the various government agencies don’t know what they are neither but at least now willing to share what information they have with their populations. That’s a mighty upgrade compared to the disinformation we’ve had in the past.

If there are any secrets, then it would be finding out what is going on and staying a couple steps ahead of the public. Whether there is any co-operation between the various countries doing this, whether in sharing intelligence or staff is less sure, especially in our current war climate. Keeping things secret isn’t impossible, just watching out for potential whistle-blowers and ensuring they don’t. If there is are secret agencies working on this, then one would have to wonder how long they would sit on information before revealing it to the population. The bigger problem would be the dictator-based countries who might be concerned on their air space being ‘invaded’. However, as its been impossible to stop that happening for many decades, they might have to accept that as normality.

One consequence of all of this is mankind’s habitual togetherness against something that isn’t us. That also has a tendency to bringing out the worse in mankind as much as any good. We would certainly have to show we can overcome our own prejudices if these potential extra-terrestrials can help us sort out our global warming.

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