World’s fastest gaming PC from… Kentucky Fried Chicken? (with built in chicken warmer)

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Kentucky fried chicken made the announcement a little while ago that they were going to enter the high-end PC gaming market. Now, at the time most people assumed this was some kind of time-shifted practical joke or publicity stunt. Well, doubters, shame on you!

Of course, the Colonel was going to do a sideways move into high-end computer game hardware. It was the obvious horizontal market extension strategy, wasn’t it?

Not only have they launched a PC – with a little help from gaming experts Cooler Master – but said PC ships with a built-in chicken warmer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’d rather have an Nvidia video card or some old rubbish. Well, why choose? It’s about time you put all that excess waste heat that spews out from the most powerful PCs to some use. And a chicken warmer might be just the thing.

Fight. Chew on some breadcrumb-covered chicken filet. Fight. Rinse. Repeat.

And people say that 2020 has been a crap year? Pah, time to eat those words – possibly with a little barbecue sauce on the side.

World's fastest gaming PC from... Kentucky Fried Chicken? (with built in chicken warmer)

World’s fastest gaming PC from… Kentucky Fried Chicken? (with built in chicken warmer)

You can buy this little beauty over at

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