Women Of Wonder edited by Cathy Fenner (book review).

The sub-title the Cathy Fenner edited book ‘Women Of Wonder’ is ‘Celebrating Women Creators Of Fantastic Art’ should explain the nature of this book. To me, it is a taster sample book of 57 lady artists. That’s quite a number, especially as so many of them are still active in the field and some were mentioned but not included. Each gets two pages, a full painting, a picture of each and something about them or a brief conversation, including their websites and even books for some if you want see what else they do.


There is quite a spread in styles so everyone should be happy. I did think that everyone was going to be current but discovering that there was quite a spread including the likes of Margaret Brunedage (1900-1976), Rose O’Neill (1874-1944) and a couple other artists who are no longer with us, like Ilene Meyer (1939-2009), showing that a history of lady artists in our genre is long over-due as well.

As with common with the Fenners’ annual ‘Spectrum: The Best In Contemporary Art’, sculpture or 3D art isn’t neglected with a couple beautiful pieces from Forest Rogers and Virginie Ropairs.

If you weren’t familiar with many of these lady artists before, I suspect you will be afterwards. Certainly publishers’ art directors should have this book on their shelves to reference for artists that they haven’t used before and I hope to see more of them turn up painting book covers.

Although talent generally tends to win through, there is so much emphasis on the male of the species in our genre, that the ladies do get missed. This book should at least partially re-address that issue and this book should be a guide to helping you seek out their work.

GF Willmetts

October 2015

(pub: Underwood Books. 128 page large softcover. Price: £10.29 (UK) if you know where to look. ISBN: 978-1-59929-072-0)

check out websites: www.underwoodbooks.com, www.spectrumfantasticart.com and https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Women+Of+Wonder+edited+by+Cathy+Fenner&safe=off&rlz=1T4GGHP_enGB647GB648&biw=1244&bih=706&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMIzq-z3_HqyAIVxFYUCh0geApj#safe=off&tbm=isch&q=%22Women+Of+Wonder%22%22Cathy+Fenner%22 (well, at least the first couple rows)

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