Witches Incorporated (Rogue Agent book 2) by K.E. Mills (book review).

‘Witches Incorporated’ is the second book in K. E. Mills’ ‘Rogue Agent’ series, featuring the well-meaning but terrifyingly powerful wizard Gerald. It is very much in the same vein as the first book so if you enjoyed that one, then I’m pretty sure you’ll also enjoy this instalment. I’d probably categorise it as a light read. There’s nothing too taxing on the brain and it all pootles along quite nicely, keeping you entertained for a few hours while the protagonists solve a good mystery or two.

Witches Incorporated (Rogue Agent book 2) by K.E. Mills (book review).
Witches Incorporated (Rogue Agent book 2) by K.E. Mills (book review).

Gerald is now a fully fledged janitor, investigating shady international events for the formidable Sir Alec. Melissande has joined forces with Reg and Emerabiblia Markham, Monk’s sister, and opened a witching agency. When their first cases overlap in a struggling airship company, Gerald is distraught. Not only will the girls be in danger but he’ll be in serious trouble with Sir Alec. However, as the ‘accidents’ multiply their only hope is to work together to solve both cases before someone else ends up dead.

The plot is quite far-fetched at times but, in a comic novel, that’s really a bonus. I particularly enjoyed the parts featuring the oh so over-the-top ladies of the most exclusive Baking And Pastry Guild. It was really beautifully done with just the right amount of humour and an actual mystery in there to solve, too. The main plot focuses on investigating someone who has been sabotaging portals, the wizardly method of instant transportation. It is quite predictable and I doubt you’ll fall for the red herrings along the way, but I still found it very enjoyable.

The characters all come together to provide a brilliant mix and the way they work together is perfectly balanced. Gerald, of course, as the Rogue Agent of the series title, reappears, if a little more subdued and perhaps more cynical than he was last time we encountered him. Melissande has left the royal court of New Ottosland in the capable hands of her brother and is enjoying the freedom of life in Ottosland. She’s also in a relationship with Monk, at least, she thinks she is but things are a little cloudy there. Reg is as sarcastic and practical as ever, providing a nice balance to the blonde, beautiful and slightly scatty genius of Emerabiblia, nicknamed Bibbie. I also rather enjoyed the appearances of Sir Alec. I’d like to see more of him as I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of things we don’t know about him yet.

‘Witches Incorporated’ is a light-hearted wizarding story that provides plenty of entertainment from beginning to end. It contains mysteries, magic and mayhem in large quantities and continues the ‘Rogue Agent’ series in a way that I hope continues through the rest of the series.

Vinca Russell

December 2013

(pub: Orbit. 456 page paperback. Price: £ 6.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-728-0)

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