William Shatner rocks (literally)!

Blackburner has just released their second album Planet Earth Attack via Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records. Featuring guest appearances from Star Trek’s William Shatner and members of the prog rock back Yes, Planet Earth Attack crosses genres of dupstep, glitch, and house with progressive rock, industrial, and noise, for this 17-track collection. On “Apocalypse,” vocalist Jessica Jean adds an ethereal edge to the dystopian anthem, while “In Love With The City” infuses a more progressive house sound highlighted by singer Geri X.

William Shatner rocks
William Shatner rocks!

Blackburner is the brainchild of producer/musician Skyla Talon, who first cut his teeth in music with modern metal band Killingbird in 2000, later joining Scum Of The Earth, the side project of Rob Zombie axeman Riggs in 2005.

You can listen to “Planet Earth Attack” with William Shatner here:

And here’s the Planet Earth Attack track list…
1. Planet Earth Attack (ft. William Shatner)
2. Burn Burn Burn!
3. I Got the Key
4. Play This World (ft. FC Stokes)
5. In Love With the City (ft. Geri X)
6. Night Air (ft. Lady Starlite)
7. Time Travel
8. Too Close (ft. Dominique Karan)
9. Electric Flesh
10. Apocalypse (ft. Jessica Jean)
11. 50 Grades of Space
12. Comfortably Numb (ft. Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire)
13. Alien Death Bunny
14. Another Dimension
15. The World Is Ours
16. Pills (ft. Ella G’Sell)
17. Set This Fire (Burn Burn Burn! Pt. II).


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