Wicked Charms (Lizzy And Diesel book 3) by Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton (book review).

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This is book three in the ‘Lizzy And Diesel’ series that will eventually contain seven books. The series currently contains ‘Wicked Appetite’ and ‘Wicked Business’ and, as with many series, I would suggest these are read in order. This time along with Janet Evanovich, we have a new co-author by the name of Phoef Sutton.


Again, we’re following Lizzy and Diesel as they try to collect all the Saligia Stones using their special and slightly magical skills. Diesel’s magical skills are unknown and unknowable, probably even to him, but they do include being able to get into Lizzy’s apartment whenever he feels the need. Lizzy just happens to be one of only two people in the world who are able to locate and identify the magically hidden Saligia stones. Luckily, she has buddied up with Diesel, the other locator of stones, and Steven Hatchet, has an altogether scarier buddy in the form of Wulf. This time, they’re all after the stone linked to avarice which involves them having to follow a treasure map into a situation that reminded me a lot of certain scenes in ‘The Goonies’. We also have a chase involving speed boats, a new magically endowed character and the possibility of a demon being reincarnated. During all this fun and adventure, Lizzy is still trying to work at Dazzle’s Bakery, her best friend Glo is still trying to become a competent witch and Cat is still not entirely happy with people turning up all hours in his house.

The new additions to the character list were brilliant, Josh the Pirate and his inability to think of himself as anything other than a Buccaneer American! Not to mention Theodore Nergal, the cute but slightly chubby coroner who has a love affair with Lizzy’s red velvet cupcakes and possibly Lizzy herself. This being a story about a stone to do with avarice, we also have to have a money-hungry megalomaniac who appears in the form of Martin Ammon. But my absolute favourite new character was Rutherford, that guy was only just holding onto his sanity with the skin of his teeth! His little nervous laugh and politeness in the face of horror was hilarious and he really made this book for me.

I love how Diesel just goes by his own rules and totally doesn’t understand when Lizzy gets frustrated with him. For example, Diesel thinks it’s perfectly ok to rock up, strip off and climb into bed with Lizzy! Don’t panic there’s nothing going on or one of them will lose their powers and they won’t know who lost out until the morning after. This does mean that when it feels like a love triangle might be happening in the middle of the book, you know that nothing will happen with at least one of the triangle sides.

Overall, do not read this series if you’re looking for anything deep, meaningful, serious, etc this is definitely a ridiculous set of books with crazy characters and even wilder situations! Also, don’t read it if you want a huge amount of magic, it seems that this is going a little by the wayside as the series goes on. But do read this if you love slapstick comedy with a sprinkling of magic. My only real problem with this series is that they take too long or new ones to come out.

Sarah Bruch

July 2015

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(pub: Headline. 320 hardback. Price: £19.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-47222-545-0)

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