We Can Be Heroes (Netflix superhero movie: trailer).

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Here’s a new superhero film directed by Robert Rodrigue called We Can Be Heroes, which is basically the Spy Kids franchise reimagined as capes rather than secret agents. It’s another one from Netflix and stars Pedro Pascal as the father and superhero of one of the young Turks. I was rather disappointed they didn’t make Pedro wear a full face covering mask for his superhero identity for the entire movie, just so we could hear him bitch about it later.

Rather cleverly, the big bad of the film are a bunch of alien invading robots taking over the Earth and defeating all the adult superhero teams, leaving it up to the kids with powers to lead the resistance and fightback.

Because they are robots, nobody protests too much from a few flying gears and broken circuits, as opposed to the ultraviolence of more recent superhero television programmes such as the Watchmen, The Boys, and The Umbrella Academy. Well, this is meant to be kiddie-safe right?

We Can Be Heroes (Netflix superhero movie: trailer).

We Can Be Heroes (Netflix superhero movie: trailer).


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