Vision Illustrated Volume 1 edited by Hugo Bravo (book review).

In his introduction to ‘Vision Illustrated Volume 1’, artist Hugo Bravo explains how he wanted to show how various artists went through the stages in creating their artwork or rather particular pieces. He then emailed many and the 21 artists here show the various stages they did before creating the final painting.

Many of them are in oils, a few digitally. Each artist has two pages and there is no text so you’ll have to pay attention to the art. I suspect one of the reasons why some of the artists didn’t reply was because they might not have kept copies of the work in progress.

It’s rather interesting seeing how many use live models to get the poses right and they also must have some fascinating wardrobes to get the right clothes and armour to get the right reflections needed.

Oh, the artists: Donato Giancola, Peter Meseldzija, Patrick Jones, Sanjulian, Yolkan Baga, Hugo Bravo, Richard Bravo, Jorge Farfán, Carlos Phoenix, Mike Sass, Jeff Preston, Justin Gerard, Sarah Finnigan, Jeff Miracola, Eric Wilkerson, Matthew Stewart, Lindsey Look, Steve Ferris, Allen Douglas, Jason Cheeseman-Meyer and Aaron B. Miller.

For such a small book, that’s a lot of artists and only a few of which I’ve come across. I picked out a couple I liked the look of and found their works are primarily fantasy and trading card material which might explain the absence of books of their work even six years later than this book came out. Even so, there’s enough here to understand the process and a reminder when you are creating a masterpiece, you don’t just start with an empty canvas.

GF Willmetts

March 2022

(pub: Hugo Bravo, 2016. 54 page illustrated softcover. Price: I pulled my copy for about £15.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-50310826-4)

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