US Sub mutineers go seasteading.

Here comes an interesting-looking new near-future scifi series to TV, Last Resort. The crew of the U.S. Navy’s largest most advanced nuclear submarine, the USS Colorado, gets orders out of the blue to empty every nuke they carry on Pakistan. When the sub’s skipper, Captain Marcus Chaplin (actor Andre Braugher), asks for clarification of the orders, they come under friendly fire from their own side.

The sub escapes and occupies the private tourist ‘resort’ island of Sainte Marina (actually owned by some rather narked-off Narco drug lords), declaring it a nuclear-armed state and new nation. Queue attacks from lots of other countries who don’t want their monopoly on nation supply broken, as well as the crew’s attempts to get to the bottom of the conspiracy over who really wanted to provoke world war three, and why.

Atomic-armed seasteading? Billionaire and fellow scifi nerd Peter Thiel would be proud! Go ABC!

Last Resort, new TV series.
We’ve got nukes. Be nice to us!

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