US Science Fiction Paper Book Chart: April 2016, Week 5.

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This is the SFcrowsnest Science Fiction Chart for Best-Selling Paper Books in the USA for April 2016, Week 5.

1# Fluency (Confluence Book 1)
By Jennifer Foehner Wells – Bestsellers.

2# The Aeronaut’s Windlass: The Cinder Spires, Book 1
By Jim Butcher – Steampunk.

3# 11/22/63: A Novel
By Stephen King – Alternative History.

4# Ready Player One
By Ernest Cline – Cyberpunk.

5# The Atlantis Plague: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 2)
By A.G. Riddle – Genetic Engineering.

6# Kiss of Steel: A dark, fresh take on vampires and steampunk London (London Steampunk Book 1)
By Bec McMaster – Steampunk.

7# After the Fall: Jason’s Tale
By David Nees – Dystopian.

8# Bloodline (Star Wars)
By Claudia Gray – Space Opera.

9# The Martian
By Andy Weir – Hard Science Fiction.

10# Terms of Enlistment (Frontlines Book 1)
By Marko Kloos – Bestsellers.

11# The Man in the High Castle
By Philip K. Dick – Alternative History.

12# The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass
By Jim Butcher – Steampunk.

13# Remanence (Confluence Book 2)
By Jennifer Foehner Wells – Alien Invasion.

14# The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery, Book 3)
By A.G. Riddle – Alien Invasion.

15# Golden Son (The Red Rising Trilogy, Book 2)
By Pierce Brown – Dystopian.

16# Excelsior
By Jasper T. Scott – Cyberpunk.

17# Voyagers (Ben Bova Series Book 1)
By Ben Bova – Alternative History.

18# Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy
By Pierce Brown – Colonisation.

19# Nomad
By Matthew Mather – Hard Science Fiction.

20# The Curse: Touch of Eternity (The Curse Series Book 1)
By Emily Bold – Time Travel.

21# Barbarian’s Mate: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 7)
By Ruby Dixon – Alien Invasion.

22# Chains of Command (Frontlines Book 4)
By Marko Kloos – Bestsellers.

23# Camber of Culdi (The Legends of Camber of Culdi Book 1)
By Katherine Kurtz – Alternative History.

24# Split Second
By Douglas E. Richards – Time Travel.

25# Marked In Flesh: A Novel of the Others
By Anne Bishop – Alternative History.

26# House of Ravens (The Nightfall Chronicles Book 2)
By Karpov Kinrade – Cyberpunk.

27# Alien: Out of the Shadows: An Audible Original Drama
By Tim Lebbon – Bestsellers.

28# Barbarian Alien: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 2)
By Ruby Dixon – Alien Invasion.

29# Sleeping Giants
By Sylvain Neuvel – Post-Apocalyptic.

30# Snowfall on Mars
By Branden Frankel – Dystopian.

31# Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 – 5) (Silo series)
By Hugh Howey – Hard Science Fiction.

32# The Atlantis Gene: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 1)
By A.G. Riddle – Bestsellers.

33# Timebound (The Chronos Files Book 1)
By Rysa Walker – Time Travel.

34# Red Rising (The Red Rising Trilogy, Book 1)
By Pierce Brown – Adventure.

35# Sanctuary (Nomad Book 2)
By Matthew Mather – Post-Apocalyptic.

36# The Cicada Prophecy: A Medical Thriller (Genetic Engineering Science Fiction)
By J.R. McLeay – Dystopian.

37# The Year of the Dragon Series, Books 1-4: The Crimson Robe
By James Calbraith – Steampunk.

38# Star Shroud (Ascension Series Book 1)
By Ken Lozito – Cyberpunk.

39# A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1
By George R. R. Martin – Bestsellers.

40# Patterns in the Dark (Dragon Blood Book 4)
By Lindsay Buroker – Steampunk.

41# Arrival
By Ryk Brown – Adventure.

42# Barbarian Lover: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 3)
By Ruby Dixon – Alien Invasion.

43# Barbarian Mine: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 4)
By Ruby Dixon – Colonisation.

44# Destroyer (The Void Wraith Trilogy Book 1)
By Chris Fox – First Contact.

45# Star Divide (Ascension Series Book 2)
By Ken Lozito – Cyberpunk.

46# Rise Again
By Paul Lally – Alternative History.

47# Star Wars: Bloodline – New Republic
By Claudia Gray – Space Opera.

48# The Martian: A Novel
By Andy Weir – Adventure.

49# Lines of Departure (Frontlines Book 2)
By Marko Kloos – Bestsellers.

50# His Majesty’s Dragon: A Novel of Temeraire
By Naomi Novik – Alternative History.

51# TFS Theseus: The Terran Fleet Command Saga – Book 2
By Tori Harris – First Contact.

52# Barbarian’s Prize: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 6)
By Ruby Dixon – Colonisation.

53# Breath of Yesterday (The Curse Series Book 2)
By Emily Bold – Time Travel.

54# The Pirates of Pacta Servanda (Pillars of Reality Book 4)
By Jack Campbell – Steampunk.

55# Hope: A Going Home Novel
By A. American – Post-Apocalyptic.

56# Ready Player One: A Novel
By Ernest Cline – Dystopian.

57# CyberStorm
By Matthew Mather – Adventure.

58# Angles of Attack (Frontlines Book 3)
By Marko Kloos – Bestsellers.

59# Animal Farm and 1984
By George Orwell – Alternative History.

60# Ice Planet Barbarians: A SciFi Alien Romance
By Ruby Dixon – Alien Invasion.

61# TFS Ingenuity: The Terran Fleet Command Saga – Book 1
By Tori Harris – Galactic Empire.

62# Toward Yesterday
By Paul Antony Jones – Post-Apocalyptic.

63# Soulblade (Dragon Blood Book 7)
By Lindsay Buroker – Steampunk.

64# Man of War (Rebellion Book 1)
By M.R. Forbes – Genetic Engineering.

65# Point of Origin (War Eternal Book 4)
By M.R. Forbes – Time Travel.

66# Son of Justice
By Steven L. Hawk – First Contact.


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