UFO roundup (11/12/21).

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Professor Simon Holland muses that for decades, the UK military has been looking at UAPs. They even went out and hired a top RAF scientist to provide a summary of all the results. Crash data, artefacts, radar photos, sophisticated ship technology, plasma drive vehicles, human affects, and Earthlights are some of the things they discovered.

Using the freedom of information act, researcher David Clarke was able to get the Secret MOD report. ‘Gold Dust’ is the title of this 400-page UFO report. The first of a series of documentaries regarding the ‘Condign Report’ is available here.

Sonny White has just come up with a way to get to a warp bubble, but were they the first people to plan to produce a warp bubble, or merely the first to record and publicise their findings?

With presenter Michael Usher and investigative writer Ross Coulthart, learn about the latest discoveries in the worldwide UFO enigma. Finally, an Australian witness to the historic Westall event in Melbourne speaks out about the cover-up.

The UCR peeps chat with Nathan & DJ San Marcos from the podcast show Calling All Beings.

Dr. Harold G “Sonny” White, a warp drive pioneer and former NASA warp drive expert, claims to have developed the blueprints to build equipment that could give us a successful manifestation of a real-world “Warp Bubble.” And, according to White, his Limitless Space Institute (LSI) team’s first-of-its-kind innovation provides a fresh starting point for anyone attempting to build a full-sized, warp-capable spaceship.

Rep. Tim Burchett is upset that the Pentagon is forming a new organisation to oversee UFO research, since he, like others, views it as adding to the government’s secrets… and reducing openness.

The Unidentified Celebrity Review talks to John Greenewald Jr., the founder of TheBlackVault.com, about the Rubio/Gillibrand Amendment and what it means for FOIA. Also, is the AIOMSG really as awful as it sounds?

There might be an alien house on the far side of the Moon. Or at least, a large square-shaped rock, as found by the Chinese rover nosing around there at the moment.

Although the UFO research community often combines paranormal and spiritual components into its work, Christian ufology is a long-standing and unique school of thought that is neither part of nor separate from the rest of the UFO field. To be sure, it has an intriguing connection to the rest of ufology. Timothy Alberino, author of “Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth.” is interviewed by Richard Dolan.

Chris Cogswell, presenter and founder of The Mad Scientist Podcast, a weekly podcast on the history and philosophy of pseudoscience, spoke with the UCR team. He uses empathy and scepticism to try to comprehend belief cultures and to illustrate the rigorous science behind claims that many others would reject as science fiction.

Gufon talks with UFOlogy expert Michael Schratt about some of the deep history of the field.

The UCR bods chat UAPs with Brith Franc Milburn, a former intelligence officer with over 22 years of experience producing threat & risk assessments for clients operating in hostile environments.

Thanks to science fiction & fantasy author Stephen Hunt for compiling and authoring this weekly report. Best-known for creating the steampunk genre with his best-selling Jackelian series (HarperCollins/Macmillan/Tor), the first of Stephen’s Sliding Void space opera series adventures was simultaneously the #1 most downloaded novel on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Canada. Mr. H. now makes time in between scribbling his literary endeavours to go so far down the rabbit hole that we’d need to dispatch the White Rabbit as a Crash Retrieval Specialist to rescue his ass.

UFO/UAP roundup (5/12/21).

UFO/UAP roundup (5/12/21).

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