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U.S. intelligence official admits to U.S. examining non-human craft (news).

In an unprecedented revelation made on The Debrief, an ex-U.S. intelligence official has confirmed the recovery of objects of non-human origin, opening a new chapter in our understanding of the unknown and profoundly challenging longstanding assumptions about our place in the universe.

David Charles Grusch, a decorated former combat officer and veteran of the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, broke the silence about covert programs focused on unidentified aerial phenomena, substantiating the existence of projects centered around the retrieval of non-human technology.

The disclosure, while shocking, provides much-needed validation for a subject long veiled in secrecy and speculation. Grusch’s testimony contends that the U.S. government, along with allied nations and defense contractors, has been conducting recoveries of non-human craft for decades.

Grusch’s decision to bring this information to light isn’t without contention. His assertion includes the accusation that UAP-related information has been unlawfully withheld from Congress, suggesting a systemic lack of transparency on an issue with profound implications for humanity.

Jonathan Grey, an official from the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, has independently corroborated Grusch’s statements, affirming the presence of non-human intelligence, and reinforcing the gravity of these revelations. Grey’s comments underscore a profound reality: “We are not alone.”

These revelations bring with them a slew of questions, as well as an urgent need for transparency and disclosure. How has the recovery of such technology influenced the path of technological development in the United States and elsewhere? What insights can be gleaned from the study of such objects? What does this mean for the broader discourse on extraterrestrial life?

The U.S. Congress has been responsive to these groundbreaking claims, launching investigations into the matter. The seriousness with which these allegations are being treated speaks to their potential implications for national security, technological advancement, and our understanding of the universe.

Grusch’s revelations underline a turning point in the discourse about unidentified aerial phenomena. For the first time in history, we find ourselves facing the tangible reality of non-human intelligence, placing us on the precipice of a new era in human understanding and technological capability.


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