U.S. Army tests its new hoverbike prototype.

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The U.S Army must have seen too many Star Wars movies, as they recently demonstrated the flying capabilities of their hoverbike, a prototype vehicle which may one day make it possible for Soldiers on the battlefield to order resupply and then receive those supplies rapidly (think Amazon on the battlefield).

“Anywhere on the battlefield, Soldiers can potentially get resupplied in less than 30 minutes,” said Tim Vong, associate chief of the project. He likened the concept to “Amazon on the battlefield. We want to have options like that.”

While the current prototype is electric, researchers are looking at a hybrid propulsion system that could dramatically increase range.

“We’re exploring increasing payload capacity to 800 pounds and extending the range up to 125 miles,” Vong added. “We’re also looking to integrate advanced intelligent navigation and mission planning. We’re looking to end up with a modular, stable platform that can be used for even more dynamic and challenging missions.”

The army laboratory began exploring the JTARV concept in the summer of 2014. They identified a manufacturer, Malloy Aeronautics, and a systems integrator, SURVICE, entered into a contract and moved quickly from concept to full-scale prototypes.

Anyway, watch the video and make your own mind up.


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