Toy Story . . . live action movie planned?

After the success of the previous films in the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, Disney/Pixar have suggested that their next new movie in the series might combine live-action with CGI and feature characters from all three films. George Clooney is in the frame as being lined up to play the Buzz Lightyear role, with Bradley Cooper stepping into Woody’s shiny leather cowboy boots.

Toy Story . . . live action movie planned!
Toy Story . . . live action movie planned!

Actor George Clooney noted he has never acted in a kids film before, so this  will be a first for him  . . . and, “Who couldn’t resist playing Buzz Lightyear?”

“After all,” someone who looks a lot like George went on to say, “We have identical chins and I have always wanted to be a toy boy.”

For the part of Woody, it is believed that Bradley Cooper is being lined up. Although Cooper is younger than Clooney, and Woody is also older than Buzz, they are both playing toys, so might be able to act against type.

It is rumoured that Scarlet Johansson is likely to play Jessie, while Sarah Michelle Geller could fill the plastic booties of Barbie.

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