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Torchwood – Aliens Among Us: part 3 by Tim Foley, Joseph Lidster, Helen Goldwyn and James Goss (CD review).

They’re back again and this time there’s everything to play for. Crash, bang, wallop is the order of the day as each ‘Torchwood’ episode chucks another firework on the bonfire of their vanities.

Pokerface by Tim Foley.

The big reveal at the end of her last volume was the return of the quite frankly scary Yvonne Hartman (actress Tracy-Ann Oberman). Previously the boss of Torchwood in London, Yvonne was thought to have died in 2006 when the rift was opened between parallel universes and various people got stuck and/or converted to cybermen. Yvonne reveals her true nature and sets about converting Torchwood staff to her own agenda. I just want to know where the back salary is coming from.

The deep distrust between Jack and Yvonne takes a further twist as he is revealed to be helping the terrorist anti-alien group Red Doors. By now it’s a spoiler that we are dealing with Not-Gwen or Eng per the credits. She has her own issues and before long the Hub’s on lockdown and bombs are falling over Cardiff. Like the blitz but without the tea and buns.

Lovely use of all the characters including the sexual empath Orr (actress Samantha Béart) and Mr. Colchester (actor Paul Clayton) who is always good value.

Tagged by Joseph Lidster.

Scriptwriter Joseph Lidster has his finger right on the pulse of this story of influence and the now all-pervasive social media. When people start receiving cards saying ‘I know what you did and I know what you’ll do’ everyone thinks it’s a clever marketing campaign. Too clever as no one knows what it’s marketing, until the first murder.

The cards seem to be a licence up kill and poor Sergeant Andy’s computers are down so he’s following a paper trail. Meanwhile Yvonne makes herself known to him and that’s another spin on the tale.

Great storytelling and it also pushes the main story along nicely.

The Escape Room by Helen Goldwyn.

Yvonne sends Gwen, Rhys, Mr. Colchester and his husband, Colin, to try a notorious escape room game as there seem to be people going missing. As date nights go, it’s not the best and by the end of the evening both couples might wish they stayed home.

The big question is how far Gwen will go to save herself and whether Rhys will make the cut.

Another fantastic story with plenty of invention, terror and some home truths. It racks up the tension along the way and sends us hurtling into the final story.

Herald Of The Dawn by James Goss.

Another bomb at the airport by Red Doors has caused death and chaos. Orr struggles with her emotional empathy. Jack is dead until he isn’t and Orr must drag him away as no one wants a miracle when their loved ones are dead.

Relationships are breaking down as we go through the day and we are reaching a moment that will change everything. Meanwhile, Yvonne is building bridges with the Mayor and hoping she won’t be afternoon tea. Tyler is being hunted down. Gwen is off the scale and by the way, ‘God is coming’.

Don’t expect all your questions to be answered but do expect four episodes of heart-thumping drama.

The extras on here are the producers talking about the production, Russell T’s input and how the stories develop. This is award-winning stuff. These four episodes are the amazing culmination of a lot of talent, hard-work and complete dedication to excellence. Well done again to Torchwood, twenty-first century drama at its best.

Sue Davies

February 2018

(pub: Big Finish. 4 CDs 260 minute story. Price: CD: £28.00 (UK), Download: £25.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78703-381-8)

cast: John Barrowman, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Alexandria Riley, Paul Clayton, Samantha Béart, Jonny Green, Kai Owen, Tom Price, Eve Myles, Rachel Atkins, Ramon Tikaram, Terrance Hardiman, Sanee Raval, Kezrena James, Laura Dalgleish, Kerry Joy Stewart, Garnon Jones, Joseph Tweedale, Richard Elfyn, Aly Cruickshank, Marilyn Le Conte, Rick Yale, Luke Williams and Charlotte O’Leary

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