Thunderbirds: 100 F.A.B. Postcards (merchandise review).

About this time of year, you’re no doubt looking around for something a little different to hide away for presents for late December under the dreaded ‘C’mas word. That being the case, you might well come across this little novelty, ‘Thunderbirds: 100 F.A.B. Postcards’. Actually, it’s a slightly bigger novelty because inside the box is 100 postcard novelties and I doubt if any ‘Thunderbirds’ fans will be able to resist opening the cellophane to look inside to a delight of colour photographs from the series. Well, unless they bought two, that is. I also have to wonder if anyone will use them for their original function when they would rather look at and keep the photos for themselves. There are a few I’ve seen before but in equal measure, there are also some I haven’t seen as stills at this larger size as well.


Dividing them up, you have postcards showing the opening credits, including the numbers to each Thunderbird. The only odd one is seeing poor Virgil with the top of his head lobbed off although I think that was more a problem with the screen setting and is the exception and not the rule. From there on, there a marvellous selection of machines, scenes and people. There’s even a standing portrait of Lady Penelope that I’ve definitely never seen before from the series. All pictures are sharp and of good quality and I’m still having fun looking through them.


The real question is what else can you do with them if you aren’t going to post them to friends. Undoubtedly, some fans will leave them in their box or even put them into card sleeves or even put in episode chronological order, especially as there is identification on the back of each card as to which episodes they came from. It is with this last bit that made me decide you can play a game with your sprogs and by not showing them the backs of the cards, see if they can tell you that piece of information. That way, you have a game you can play with them at least once before you can settle back for a snooze as they spend their time enjoying the photos and making up their own lists.

I only hope the success of this set will encourage Egmont to do another set because they haven’t possibly hit on all the episodes yet. Before you ask, no, I’m not going to use them as postcards. They’re just so good to look at from time to time. A nice piece of merchandise. If you do use them as postcards, then you’ll have to buy another box.

GF Willmetts

October 2013

(pub: Egmont. 100 illustrated colour standard size postcards in a box. Price: £14.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-4052-6893-6)

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