Three Body Problem (science fiction novel retrospective).

Beware, there are spoilers ahead in this video for Cixin Liu’s trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past. Although the nature of the world and those that inhabit it is finally revealed, much of what we discover only serves to heighten the sense of dread that already pervades most of the series. The cosmos and its inhabitants remain enigmatic for the majority of the series.

Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past series depicts a gloomy, lonesome, and terrible cosmic society. In such a universe, nascent civilizations on immature planets can cry out into the night in search of relief from the apparently unending cosmic loneliness only to discover that they have been discovered by a shadowy hunter whose weapon is now directly pointed at them.

This is the way things really are in the dense jungle, but some people have mastered it. We’ll talk about the many civilizations and ethnic groups that are known to live in Cixin Liu’s world in this video.

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