Things You Should Enforce If You Ran International Rescue.

Things You Should Enforce If You Ran International Rescue

  1. On rescue and near civilians, real names should not be used. Use the number of your Thunderbird vehicles.
  2. Hard hats and harnesses should be worn and shown as an example of correct equipment when on dangerous rescues.
  3. Ensure Thunderbird One’s photo detector is regularly checked and operational.
  4. Ensure all security protocols, especially to the Thunderbird Two pods when open on the ground and left unattended.
  5. Do not invite small boys to headquarters. Children are notoriously prone to letting the cat out of the bag and it will be all over the media in minutes.
  6. Always remember, you help choose the equipment before they leave but on the ground, Scott and then Virgil are the most experienced in getting things done at a danger zone.
  7. Ensure there are enough vital spare parts are available for all Thunderbird machines.
  8. Do not assume the Hood could not survive any fall.
  9. Always check that the civilian portraits are shown in Operation: Cover-Up.
  10. Would it be so bad if people had photographs of the Thunderbirds exteriors? At least, we would avoid the problems of imposters posing as us.
  11. Be grateful that World Security couldn’t work out the kind of place needed to house the Thunderbird machines.
  12. Don’t be contradictory about leaving Tracy Island unmanned when there could be a rescue and taking the entire family to the mainland to a restaurant or a live TV broadcast.
  13. Give Scott more practice running International Rescue in my absence and let the boy learn from his mistakes than my interfering (hah!).
  14. Be kind to Brains and be more specific as to what new rescue vehicle is required.
  15. Be honest when it comes to accidentally swallowing raspberry flavoured tracking devices rather than blaming my sons.

For Scott

  1. I am here to give guidance not to browbeat you.
  2. Brush up on your navigation skills. The Sahara is not really on the way home from Japan and I just hope she’s pretty.
  3. Sorry if I got over-anxious when I left you in charge but you know how it is the first time.

For Virgil

  1. I see so much of myself and your mother in what you do.
  2. Do a proper painting of Alan and spare us all his anger.

For Alan

  1. Have some restraint when rescuing people and not to punch them out unless it’s a last resort.
  2. For Brains’ sake, look before you leap into the swimming pool.

For Gordon

  1. The reason I keep you home from missions so much, son, is because I shouldn’t lose all my sons in one rescue. Also, if any Thunderbird crashes at sea, I will need my best aquanaut to rescue them.

For John

  1. I’ll try to get you more involved on rescues when on Earth, as you clearly need experience of lives over real estate.

For Grandma

  1. You’re probably safer on the island than back in America.
  2. I’m sorry again for swallowing your raspberry flavoured tracking device.

For Kyrano

  1. You really must stop putting off going to see the doctor about those collapses you have, old friend.
  2. The kitchen is your domain and Grandma when she wants to. I’ll have a word with Penny about Parker only serving the food.

For Tin-Tin

  1. I have no objections to your university friends visiting but try to do it when Alan is not on his Thunderbird 5 shift.
  2. Would you stop leaving that pygmy alligator in the bath tub!

For Penny

  1. Note: If only I was twenty years younger.
  2. I’m glad you and Parker are there to do some of the rough stuff.
  3. To save cutlery, tell Parker he can only serve food when he is here.

Dealing with visitors to International Rescue

  1. I still feel rotten having to take those Thunderbirds toys away from Nicky after he was here for Christmas.



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  • 16. Ensure the boys get a little actual exercise. Too much travel-by-sofa will just make them paunchy.


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