The Witch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack music by Mark Korven (CD review).

From time to time, I review soundtracks without being able to see the original film for one reason or another. ‘The Witch’ is one of these. If you want to be really spooked then play this one late at night as I expect the finale of track 4, ‘Hare In The Woods’, will positively have you jumping out of the skin in its finale. As will, indeed the successive tracks. Composer Mark Korven is determined to spook you whether you watch the film or not as the music slowly gets under your skin. Track 14, ‘Witch’s Coven’, should make your neighbours’ wonder what kind of practice you’re doing inside your home. You can’t beat an old chant for calling up the devil.


There are only two tracks extending beyond four minutes, three around three minutes and the rest under two minutes. Despite this range over a 39 minute album, there is a certain amount of cohesiveness to the album. However, where there are tracks like ‘Hare In The Woods’ which jump away from expected, they build into the whole. Some elements have a dirge-like quality but with a title like ‘The Witch’, you would hardly expect everything to be light-hearted.

The two page insert on lists credits so don’t expect any insights into what the composer had in mind with his music, which also contains a choir.

GF Willmetts

June 2016

(pub: Milan Music. 1 CD 16 tracks 39 minutes. Price: £11.12 (UK). ASIN: B01BPIQA3G)

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