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It is a known fact that a woman whose best friend is invisible to the rest of the world will not have an easy life. Hiding in the shadows and finding modern life problematic, Lucky de Salle is not fitting well into the world. Lucky is a psychic and, yep, she sees dead people.

Called to intervene in a haunting at her old school, Lucky has a nasty encounter with a demon who has a message for her friend, Kayla. At the school, she meets Philip Conrad who seems to be showing an unhealthy interest in the demon world. As if this wasn’t intriguing enough, another man, Jamie, stumbles into her life

Jamie has suffered loss and he, too, sees dead people. Before she knows it, Lucky has invited Jamie to stay and Kayla seems to have her nose permanently out of joint. Nothing is as it seems and Lucky finds that all the previous conceptions about her life, Kayla and the unseen world are to be swept aside.

Making new friends and protectors isn’t easy but it seems making enemies that might kill you is a doddle. Lucky is a good character who, at the beginning, is full of certainty about how the world works but must adapt fast. She has change forced upon her and values she believes to be unassailable prove to be malleable.

I don’t want to discuss the plot any further as it seems reviews and trailers give too much away to the reader, suffice to say it is great fun with some excellent character and world-building. Its part one of a trilogy called ‘The Soulseer Chronicles’ so there is plenty more story to come. This is a fantasy in every sense and it’s a little bit daft but who here doesn’t have a daft fantasy? Lucky is a girl at the start but she finds hidden resources and a power, if not quite of the Slayer variety, at least a healthy sense of survival and self-worth. These are qualities worth sharing with other humans and a book is as good a place as any to start.

Sue Davies

July 2017

(pub: Jo Fletcher Books/Quercus Books, 2015. 352 page paperback. Price:£ 8.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84866-894-2)

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